2009 Barnstormers Update

Published July 1, 2009 in Art , Blog , Watercolor - 0Comments

On June 20th, I participated again in the Barnstormers event. Forty-one artists showed in the rain to paint local historic barns. There was a tour of the 10 barns with docents at each barn to explain the history of the barn. Four artists were assigned to each barn.

Katrina and I headed over to the Gaver Tree farm at 9 a.m. to get my assigned barn. I was amazed to be handed the address of the Trout’s farm right in Libertytown. I had intended to paint the farm as a gift for them since the Trouts sold the farm and set up farming in Kentucky.  I was thrilled to have the nudge to fulfill that intension.

Rather than paint the barn, I decided to do the farm from a distance with a cornfield and cows in the foreground. I put a foreboding cloud hanging above a sunrise lighting the farm. I titled it “The Milk Barn” reminiscent of Eileen, Elly, Anna, and Alyssa growing up milking in that barn in the early mornings. The house was dark but the lights in the barn were on.

In the afternoon, I returned to the Gaver Tree farm and enjoyed a demonstration done by Barbara Nuss. Anne Snyder displayed the 41 freshly painted and framed paintings on display walls midst bales of hay and handmade quilts. The reception was enhanced by live music that put you in the mood for a square dance.

I enjoyed meeting new and old friends. Among the artists was Amy Browning. We enjoyed getting caught up and talking art. Bonny Lundy also painted a barn. It was her barn painting last year that began my pursuit of lessons with her which I enjoyed in the fall.

It was a great day! I look forward to the event next year.