A David Creation Postcard Painting Idea

I began a new venture this past January. My son in law, David, owns a marketed business, A David Creation. Most of his clients are painters. He had the idea of me painting painters painting! The artwork I paint goes on a half page post card and is mailed out to each painting company’s clients. David’s father’s company, Chism Brothers Painting in San Diego, launched the idea with orders for postcards of all four seasons in 2012. Since I don’t teach classes in January, I promptly completed the four paintings for CBP. As soon as they were completed I sent the images to David who passed them on to his other clients as samples. In short order, David had 22 jobs for me!

I have started with:

I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this. I enjoy creating the painting to fit the season and locale. I enjoy making each postcard as beautiful as I am able. I enjoy exalting the occupation of painting. Painters create beauty. They work with their hands. As an artist, I can relate. I believe that David’s thinking is that people interested in hiring painters will appreciate a painting.

I find it rewarding to assist in the prosperity of companies. I pray that these mailings will bear much fruit for these businesses. I look forward to doing many more!