A Little More Art at Christiana Homeschool Academy

Published March 2, 2011 in Art , Blog - 0Comments

They say that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. So, in keeping with that theory, I have a winter and spring theme for the paintings displayed this month. deer in a forest watercolor painting

In the library is “Evening Visitors”. This was the third painting I did of a friend’s home in Unionville. They wanted a picture of parts of their property. We drove around on a little all- terrain vehicle scouting out interesting shots for a painting. I later grabbed the high hot pink rubber boots on our back porch. My daughter, Eden and I brought a camera and headed over there to take some pictures in the snow. I waded through the stream you see and shot the view with their home on a distant hill with smoke rising out of their chimney. I wanted to add deer at the creek so I took a photo of the buck displayed in their living room. My husband Michael titled the painting “Evening Visitors”, referring to the deer encroaching at dusk for a drink from the stream.

SunflowersIn the office you find “Daffodils” a simple botanical flower study, no vase….just flowers and stems. I did this water color at a class with Rebecca Pearl in New Market. One year, I spent my Wednesday mornings there with a fun group of women, many of whom were long time students of Rebecca’s. Daffodils and March belong together. My mother had a friend who always gave her some form of daffodils and pussy willows for her March 26th birthday.