A Little More Art at Christiana Academy | Westminster MD

Published December 7, 2010 in Art , Blog , Family - 0Comments

We have lots of creativity and art at Christiana; everything from doodles and report covers to classes during the school day for younger children and classes for young and old after school. It was Kristen Bird’s suggestion to me that, as a classical school, we could use a little more art at Christiana.

I am displaying one piece of art in our office and one in our library. I will be switching them monthly or if they sell. And I will be sending this “blog” entry to tell the story behind them for those of you busy moms that take a moment to read it and to pass it on to your students of art.  If you wish to buy one, pop me an email. Twenty percent will go to Christiana.

In the office this month is a giclee of Assateague’s Wild Trio. It is in an 11×14 white “beachy” wood frame. I painted this as a final project for a water color class taught by Bonnie Lundy at Frederick Community College. She inspired us to paint our passion.

We annually camp at the Northern end of Assateague where the ponies frequent the beach. This photo was taken by our friend Christine Senio. In the next picture the horse on the right was biting the one in the middle. You see the horse on the left ready to kick. I put the horses down by the water. The idea is wild horses, wild birds and sky, and wild ocean. I have used is as a wedding gift for “a wild trio for God” symbolizing a three cord strand not easily broken.

Next month I will feature its opposite, my most recent of Assateague’s ponies in a serene setting, yet to be titled.

In Christiana’s library is a pastel original of a Westie. The original is for sale but I included prices on it for large and small pet portraits. I did this in a two day pet portrait workshop with Rebecca Pearl. On the first day we did a small dog and on the second day a large dog.

This was done from a photo that a classmate brought in of someone’s Westie. We do own and breed Westie’s so this photo interested me. I was working from a very nice photo. The “chin up” posture of the dog made my job easier. Rebecca taught us that a good artist ought to be able to work from any photo.

I worked some at home on this and when I brought it in the next day Rebecca called it my psychedelic dog. It had an underpainting of blue and purple. It needed a bit more white fur on top which I added. The underpainting creates liveliness with color peaking through. The eyes also have chips of various color.

Next month I will display the German shepherd.