Artwork This Month At CHA

Published October 14, 2011 in Art , Blog , Watercolor - 0Comments

This month, displayed in Christiana’s school office, is a water color giclee called “North America’s Boast”. Travelers to the U.S. marvel at our male cardinals. The photo that I painted from had a very blue sky. My teacher wouldn’t have me do a red bird, blue sky, so I did a variegated wash giving a feel of foliage. The 16″x20″ frame was a rough wood, painted white. I used acrylic paints and mixed a gray color and rubbed it on, ending with a thin coat of sealer. The original of  North America’s Boast is available and I also sell it in 8×10 gift size in a gold frame.

In Christiana’s library is a  print of “Sunflowers”. The original of this is also available. This was also a class project. I was trying to loosen up my style to more of an impressionistic look which water color lends itself to. In a painting like this where you have a field of flowers, I highlight a few flowers making them more of a detailed focal point. The viewers eye tends to fill in the rest. This is framed in an 11×14 gold frame.