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Art, Wine, and Egyptian Food!

Published April 19, 2016 in Blog - 0 Comments

On April 9th, 2016, I was invited to display my art by Sam Elias and Mike Giampietro from M&T Bank. The show was held at the Camden Clearwood Apts. Clubhouse on Mercantile Drive. The community event was well attended despite the April snow! I believe everyone had a good time. The Egyptian fare was delicious! I framed […]

Chincoteague Rooster Flies to Brazil!

Published June 21, 2012 in Blog - 0 Comments

Chincoteague Rooster Flies to Brazil! One of the most exciting things about being an artist is being able to watch your paintings travel to so many different places. Recently I uploaded all my paintings to my Etsy account, and the next day I heard from a man who wanted to purchase the original of my […]

Ellicott City Glass Artwork

Published June 11, 2012 in Blog - 0 Comments

Recently I was contracted to prepare the sketch for Tom Kleintank’s glasswork of Ellicott City. It was my pleasure to sketch the template for Tom’s stunning Ellicott City piece! He did an awesome job, wouldn’t you agree? Feel free to contact me for any odd jobs you may have, such as a contour drawing, framing, etc!

Mt. Airy Celtic Festival 2012

Published May 22, 2012 in Art , Blog , Life - 0 Comments

Saturday, May 12th from 10 to 6, I joined the festivities at the Celtic Festival. Our family had attended the first Frederick Celtic Festival 12 years ago at the Betty Cramer house on Route 26. This 12th year they expanded their space at the Mt. Airy Fair Grounds. Men pulled out their kilts and bagpipes. […]

Contour drawings have their uses!

Published March 27, 2012 in Art , Blog - 0 Comments

This week I was blessed to have a delightful meeting with the insightful and gifted Tom Kleintank, from Hooper’s Island Glassworks. Tom contracted me for his preparation drawing of a new project he’s working on for a doctor in Ellicott City.  Tom has collected many pictures of Ellicott City, including the train station, Tongue Row, the […]

What Were You Created to Do?

Published March 14, 2012 in Art , Blog , Life , Watercolor - 0 Comments

I am reading a book entitled 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller. For those interested, the forward is written by finance counselor, David Ramsey. Mr. Miller’s book is a 48-day guide to discovering what you are uniquely called by God to do. His theme verse is Ecclesiastes 3:13, “That every man find pleasure in […]

A David Creation Postcard Painting Idea

I began a new venture this past January. My son in law, David, owns a marketed business, A David Creation. Most of his clients are painters. He had the idea of me painting painters painting! The artwork I paint goes on a half page post card and is mailed out to each painting company’s clients. […]

Student Art Displays at CHA

Published February 3, 2012 in Art , Blog - 0 Comments
watercolor rooster painting

The two displays of student art work at Christmas were very much appreciated by those who saw them in the lobby of Christiana Homeschool Academy. It was a joy for me to observe the discussions people had about the student art. It is always a delight for Diana and I to see what students create […]

St.Peter’s Catholic Church, Libertytown

Published February 3, 2012 in Art , Blog , Watercolor - 0 Comments

Last month on display at Christiana Homeschool Academy was “Midnight Mass”, the winter watercolor of St.Peter’s. The original was sold to Jean Goodacre who has been a parishioner at St Peter’s since 1987 so 2012 is her 25th year there. She was married there in the old church in 1991 and her two children received […]

St. Peters “Midnight Mass” Displayed at CHA

Published November 23, 2011 in Art , Blog , Watercolor - 0 Comments

This month displayed in Christiana’s office is an original of St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Libertytown.  Titled “Midnight Mass”, the painting is a nighttime scene of people coming out of the church with snow falling. The view is facing the entrance of the new sanctuary. This is the “winter” of the four season series which […]