Contour drawings have their uses!

Published March 27, 2012 in Art , Blog - 0Comments

This week I was blessed to have a delightful meeting with the insightful and gifted Tom Kleintank, from Hooper’s Island Glassworks. Tom contracted me for his preparation drawing of a new project he’s working on for a doctor in Ellicott City.  Tom has collected many pictures of Ellicott City, including the train station, Tongue Row, the old firehouse with its bell, the viaduct and adjoining bridge with “Ellicott City” across it.  I joined them all together into a collage based on Tom’s depictions.  He will use cut colored glass to produce a 36” x 48” work similar to the one pictured here of Annapolis.  The final product will be built in to the lobby wall of the doctor’s office.

Some of Tom’s work is displayed in restaurants on the eastern shore.  His work is incredible.  It’s an honor to work with Tom. Visit his website to view more of his work.