Midnight Mass

This month displayed in Christiana’s office is an original of St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Libertytown.  Titled “Midnight Mass”, the painting is a nighttime scene of people coming out of the church with snow falling. The view is facing the entrance of the new sanctuary. This is the “winter” of the four season series which I completed this fall. The winter, spring, summer, and fall scenes of St.Peter’s are available in 8×10 framed prints and in a set of 4 note cards.

In Christiana’s library there is a pastel print of a pet portrait of Homer and Saki, a Pug and Chow Chow. Both dogs were rescue dogs who found a happy life together. I was provided many photos on line and Homer seemed to characteristically hang his tongue out the side of his mouth so I included this in the picture. The dogs are well loved as their expression reveals.