St.Peter’s Catholic Church, Libertytown

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Last month on display at Christiana Homeschool Academy was “Midnight Mass”, the winter watercolor of St.Peter’s. The original was sold to Jean Goodacre who has been a parishioner at St Peter’s since 1987 so 2012 is her 25th year there. She was married there in the old church in 1991 and her two children received their sacraments there.  Her son did his Eagle Scout project at St Peter’s – rebuilding a retaining wall that was torn down to put in a manhole for store water management as part of the construction of the new church. So the church holds a lot meaning to Jean. She also bought the Spring original of St. Peters.

Jan (Jack) Niemiee purchased the first Giclees of Midnight Mass and Spring. He has been at St. Peters for 30 years. He will hang them in his home along with his print of Rebecca Pearl’s painting of the church.

I  remember the afternoon well, when 6 fire alarms sounded. The kids and I walked in the direction of the smoke and stood and watched the old St.Peter’s burn from the steeple to the roof and down, leaving the brick walls standing. The water was pumped up from the creek and was poured in from the top of the church. Water streamed down the steps…down the hill and back to the creek. Many from St. Peters stood watching. It took hours to get the fire out. Now years later stands the new church incorporated into the historic building.

While our family does not attend St. Peters, we enjoy the community it provides. We enjoy as a family the Saturday night ballroom dance classes. I enjoy teaching art at ARCH, the home school coop that they have on Fridays. And we participate in the Christmas in the Country with a display each 2nd Saturday of November. Often my daughter Katrina slips in the Santa’s workshop to help youngsters select and wrap gifts for their families. St. Peters also provides affordable clothing to large families such as ours through their thrift shop and meals for those that need meals. It truly is a community church.